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Our Name
Our name is unique and it really says it all.

Praxis - The Greek work for Practical. PraxiPower Software is ‘Practical Powerful Software’


Keep it practical for the user. Software must have a practical interface that requires the least amount of action
on the part of the user.


PraxiPower Software is committed to providing vertical market applications that are practical and powerful. “The way technology was intended” PraxiPower provides software to private and public schools, churches, childcare facilities and more. Developers have had hands on experience in every market we serve. We understand your needs, your frustrations, and how to reconcile the two. We are committed to your being trained thoroughly on the application you run. PraxiPower offers online training classes as well as online video based training to its customers. Further, PraxiPower prices are lower than most competitors. The benefits are as follows:

Mission Statement

PraxiPower was established for the purpose of developing, marketing and selling management software targeted to the vertical and specialized markets, i.e. public and private schools, churches, and childcare facilities. PraxiPower’s uniqueness is in its name. Praxis is the Greek word for Practical. The user friendliness, the practical functions, and the use of the latest technology make PraxiPower Software practical and powerful. The philosophy behind PraxiPower software is 'Enter once in a live system and everything is automatic after that…. Reports, Billings, Collections, Actions… whatever has to happen, the software will cause to happen and will remind the user when use action is required.'