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Do It Live! Do It Once! Do It Praxi!
As the head of a small administrative staff at a small Christian school, I appreciate the PraxiSchool system because it allows me to wear so many hats with very little stress! The faculty has also been very happy with the PraxiSchool grade book. In fact, teachers who have worked at other schools and used other systems have commented how much they like the PraxiSchool product. You can consider me a very satisfied client.
Scott Schneberger
Business Manager, Treasurer
Family Christian School
Winter Garden, FL
I like the fact that PraxiSchool an all-in-one product: it is a software that is specific to our business which captures important information concerning students; it is an accounting system; and it is a payroll system.

Some popular products don't offer the payroll system integrated with accounting. A definite plus with PraxiSchool is the outstanding technical assistance. IT staff is always available to help and resolve questions.

The Help section is a very helpful tool as well. An outstanding service at a very competitive price.
Roberto Medrano
Mustard Seed Academy
San Antonio, TX
“Now I know why I like this program more and more each day... because the people who make it - actually care. You are unbelievable!!! Thanks“
Phil Herting
Twin City Christian Academy
Festus, MO